Monday, February 16, 2009

I am getting bad at this blogging thing...

I wish I had something to blog about! Well...actually...I could blog... but I wish I had something baby related to blog about-- I guess that is more accurate! I've got nothing. Actually...I will take that back too-- I have nothing personally baby related to blog about, but I can blog about my friends babies! They are everywhere...and I am so excited for them!

Way back when... when we did our all probably remember me saying that I had made a friend that I could ride to the clinic with. I am not sure if I ever updated that she actually got pregnant from that IVF and just last week-- she welcomed her twin girls into the world! Amazing! I have another good friend who got pregnant the same week and she is due in just 3-4 short weeks! So crazy to think that had our IVF worked...I would be due right around now. I know it is probably not healthy to think like that...but it is my reality.

I think I have gotten to a point, while I am so sad for us, I am so happy for those around us. I think there was a period of time when the idea of being happy for others was too hard. The question "why not us?" was too real. I think it is kind of like moving through stages of grief. You eventually get to a point where you start to accept the situation you are in and know that you need to make the best of it. I still pray daily that Gary and I will be blessed, but I now have a better understanding that it might not happen.

I am also going to ask for some prayers in this post too. On one of the message boards I go to we did pair ups last year-- calling ourselves-- "trouble trying to conceive sisters". Well last July my "sister" got pregnant. Last week she had a placental abrupt ion and delivered her baby boy at 33 weeks. Both mom and baby are doing well... but Baby "Trip" is tiny-- 2lbs. 15oz. If you have a prayer to spare-- please say one for Kelly and Trip.


shawna said...

You have such an amazing outlook. I am sure that your time is coming, and I pray that it is soon. I just wanted you to know that you are always close in my thoughts.

Busy Momma said...

Good thoughts going to Baby Trip, hope all turns out well.
Good thoughts to you as well.